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Schools are provided with statutory guidance by the government to ensure the correct provision is available for all pupils with SEND. This is set out in detail in the SEND code of Practice: 0-25 years (DfE, January 2015).


If your child is identified as having SEND. What does this mean?

If your child is identified as having a special educational need, you will be informed by our Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator [SENCo], Mrs Carey or our Assistant SENCo Mrs Haywood. With your consent, your child will be added to our school SEND register at ‘SEN Support’. Some children on ‘school support’ will have Individual Provision Maps (IPMs). These give smart targets that relate to their areas of need and are reviewed termly with you.

Some children may not make sufficient progress at School Support and will need further, long term support and may have an Education and Health Care Plan. This is reviewed annually at a meeting including you, the SENCo and representatives from Outside agencies.  They will also have an Individual Provision Map with Termly smart targets.

The Four Areas of SEND
There are four areas of need outlined in the SEND Code of Practice: The needs of a child with SEND will fall under one or more of these areas.
  1. Communication and Interaction
  2. Cognition and Learning
  3. Social, Emotional and Mental Health difficulties
  4. Sensory and/or Physical needs
Support for your child in school

St Barnabas is an inclusive school and all children receive quality first teaching in the classroom so that they make good progress. Some children with SEND may need further support; additional help may be provided through individual or group interventions. Resources may also be provided to support your child with their learning in the classroom.

Referrals can also be made to an outside agency to seek further advice and support for your child. Parental consent is always gained before any referral is made. We work closely with a range of agencies including: Speech and Language, Autism Team (CCN), Educational Psychology, Learning Support.

Further details of the support we offer pupils with special educational needs and disabilities in school, please read our school information report.

Where can I find out more information?

Mrs Carey (SENCo) and Mrs Haywood (Assistant SENCo) have drop in sessions on Thursday afternoons from 2.00 -3.00pm in the DT room. No appointments are needed. Alternatively if you contact the school office an appointment can be made.


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