Welcome to St. Barnabas C.E. Primary School

Governing Body 2020-2021

We have an active team of governors who are appointed in their role at school to strategically lead and support the work of the school and be representatives for the parents and families. The Governing Body is made up of parent, staff, local authority and community representatives. School governors provide strategic leadership and accountability in schools. Governors appoint the Head Teacher and are involved in the appointment of other staff, following safe recruitment procedures at all times. Each individual governor is a member of the Governing Body, which is established in law as a corporate body.   Individual Governors may not act independently of the rest of the Governing Body. Decisions are the joint responsibility of the Governing Body. The Governing Body are always keen to hear the views of parents and carers and work to improve the education, care and well-being of children and young people within the community and to promote the highest standards.

Parent Governors
Staff Governors
Mrs Jones O’Toole
Mr William Ottaway
Ms Kate Gynn
Ms Samantha Hulse
Mrs Marie Beesley
Local Authority Governors
Ex Officio HeadTeacher
Mrs Sarah Hanson
Associate Governor
Co-Opted (Community Governors)
Mr Bob Morrison
Mrs Kate Robertson
Mr Abhinav Mathur
Foundation Governors
Clerk to the Governors
Rev Julieanne Watson
Mrs Joy Squires
Mrs Glenys Morrison2009
Governors responsible for Safeguarding including Child Protection:
Mrs Joy Squires
Our Governing Body can be contacted directly via the school office either by letter or e-mail gmorrison@st-barnabas-primary.worcs.sch.uk .
Governors Roles and other Interests

Governor Name
Governor Type
Specific Role or responsibility
Business Interests
Sub committee
Financial Interests
Governance Role in any other school
Bob Morrison (Chair)
Pupil Premium
Health and Safety
Abhinav Mathur
Science and Tech link
Joy Squires (Vice Chair)
Vice Chair
Safeguarding and Child Protection and Anti-bullying
Looked After Children (LAC)
RE (Religious Education)
People Team Convenor
Cathy Jones O’Toole
PE and Outdoor Education
Curriculum and Standards Convenor
Marie Beesley
Early Years
Kate Robertson
Deputy Head Teacher
Policy review
Rev Julieanne Watson
Church school review
The Arts
EYFS (including Pre-School)
Member of the clergy St. Barnabas church
St. Barnabas church
Sarah Hanson
Head Teacher
William Ottaway
DPO (Data Protection Officer)
Maths Link
Governors Meeting Attendance


Category (Governor)

NameStart DateEnd DateAppointed By

Meeting Attendance
Sept 2018 – September 2019

FoundationMrs Kalantha Brewis09/01/1709/01/21Diocese71%
ParentMrs Emily Calvert31/01/1431/01/18Governing Body100%
Co-optedMr Peter Cheer (Chair)22/02/1622/02/20Governing Body100%
ParentMrs Amanda Lane22/01/1322/01/17Governing Body100%
Co-optedMiss Kate Dixon (Vice Chair)12/05/1412/05/18Local Authority100%
AssociateMrs Mary Drinkwater08/05/1508\05\19Local Authority100%

Headteacher (ex-officio)

Mrs Sarah Hanson04/01/15N/AGoverning Body100%
Co-optedMrs Kate Robertson14/01/1414/01/18Governing Body86%
StaffMrs Marie Beesley14/01/1414/01/18Governing Body100%
Co-optedMr Bob Morrison24/03/1324/02/18Governing Body86%
FoundationMrs Joy Squires30/06/1530/06/19Diocese58%
ParentMrs Cathy Jones O’Toole30/03/1730/03/21Governing Body100%
ParentWilliam Ottaway   86%
ClerkMrs Glenys Morrison21/09/09  86%

The Full Governing Body meets each half term and focusses on strategic leadership and direction, accountability, decision making, legal compliance and evaluation. The full governing body are sometimes called upon to make panels to address issues such as complaints, exclusions or serious safeguarding matters.There are also 3 sub committees that meet regularly and address different aspects of school governance:​

Specifically focussed on educational improvement and rigorous analysis of data
Cathy Jones O’Toole (convenor), Marie Beesley, William Ottaway, Abhinav Mathur, Sarah Hanson and Kate Robertson

Specifically focussed on financial management and monitoring, financial frameworks and accountability
Abhinav Mathur, Sarah Hanson, Bob Morrison (convenor), Julieanne Watson and Kate Robertson

Specifically focussed on staffing and performance management
Sarah Hanson, Bob Morrison and Joy Squires (convenor), William Ottaway and Julieanne Watson

Core Purpose of the Governing Body

  • Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction;
  • Holding executive leaders to account for the educational performance of the organisation and its pupils, and the performance management of staff; and
  • Overseeing the financial performance of the organisation and making sure its money is well spent.

The Governing Body is made up of:

  • 6 Co-opted (community) governors
  • 4 Parent governors
  • 2 Foundation governors
  • 1 Staff governor
  • 1 Local Authority governor
  • Head Teacher (ex-officio)

Governors Bio's


I have worked in education for 32 years and first trained as a teacher at the University of London, Goldsmiths’ College.  I have worked in five schools in both London and Worcestershire and in a variety of roles, and this includes teaching from Nursery age to Year 6 and working in a leadership role in three schools before starting as Head Teacher at St. Barnabas. My philosophy of education is simple and is that every child, regardless of background, starting point, gender  or family circumstances should be able to experience a fantastic education; one that is exciting and interesting and that prepares them for their future.  That school should be a place of safety, happiness, memorable experiences and challenges and that we prepare our children with the social and personal skills to accept the challenges that life offers! Our children are our greatest treasure and our future and that what we do both at home and school, every day, makes a difference to our children’s prospects. I am married and am a parent to two young adults. I look forward to working with you and your family as part of our thriving school community.


My first involvement with St Barnabas Governors was as a parent many years ago. My children are adults now but I still remain intrigued by the dedication and passion of the staff and volunteers in our school to provide a great experience for the children.  St Barnabas is such a great place to visit, especially when talking to the children and listening to their ideas to improve the school. Their most fun request was to put a swimming pool on top of the school! Unfortunately, I failed to meet their needs but I often think about it. Our team of governors represent a wide range of different experiences and knowledge which makes this role varied and interesting. My day job involves working with organisations and their managers to get the best out of their people and to perform well. These include schools and academies across the West Midlands. Hopefully I bring some of that expertise and experience to the table when working with the staff and fellow governors.


I have been working at St Barnabas for over 20 years and have taught in Year 1,2 ,3, and for the past 7 years in Reception. I have previously been subject leader in Design and Technology and Art and am currently English Subject Leader for the Reception and Year 1 team. I am married and have two sons, age 13 and 17, both of whom attended St Barnabas. I have been a staff governor for 4 years and my role is to represent the staff at the meetings and to relay information back to the staff.


I moved to Worcester and made it my home and I’ve always tried to give back to the city & community that welcomed me and helped me raise a family. I am a firm believer that a good educational background sets you up for life. With my corporate work experience and a good understanding of Stakeholder Management, I value the contributions of people with alternative views. I look forward to adding value to the Governing Body with my strategic experience in setting commercial direction and making key decisions based on analytical data. I’m keen to learn more about the school as a co-opted Governor and add value from the management and commercial skills I have developed over the years.


I have lived in the locality of St Barnabas Primary school for over 20 years. My daughter is now in year 1 and I therefore have a vested interest in the school, how it is run and how it performs now and into the future. As a consultant in information security, I work in governance and compliancy roles assessing and producing organisations’ policies, plans, procedures and processes as well as advising on how data, including personal data, should be handled securely. I have also spent over 15 years in a voluntary role on a committee for a large local public event where I have filled multiple roles including event organiser, marketing and sponsorship.


I am a Family Law Solicitor in Worcestershire and my daughter is now in Year 1 at the School. I have lived in Worcester for over 15 years. I was impressed by the School from the first time I visited as a prospective parent and am more impressed now that my daughter has been attending the school for over a year. I have been interested in getting more involved with the School for some time and I am keen to help continue the excellent progress the school makes with the education of our children. As a Solicitor, I am used to checking the fine detail and making sure that the right decisions are made.


I am a recent arrival to the Governing Body. I am a Mother of three children, my eldest child has already travelled through St Barnabas and is now at High School. I have worked in various roles’s at the school since 2012 and have a good knowledge of school life at St Barnabas. I welcome my role as Parent Governor.


I have worked at St Barnabas since 2010 as Deputy Head and staff Governor. Before relocating here I worked in schools in Surrey and South London. I am a mum of two young children who are just beginning their own exciting time at school. Since beginning my teaching career in 1997 I have been privileged to teach so many incredible young people and see them grow into confident learners. Teaching is a magical job and no two days have ever been the same. As a Governor to our school I support links between the governing body and the staff of the school.


I am a local city councillor and live round the corner from St Barnabas, in Lansdowne Road. For many years I was a University Lecturer, but more recently I worked as a consultant helping set up SureStart children’s centres. My two boys attended St Barnabas in the 1990s and still speak fondly of the school and the staff who helped them so much in their education.  I have always felt that St Barnabas plays a really important role in the local community and it is a real pleasure and a privilege to be a Governor here.


I am a recent addition to the Governing body and come to the board as a Foundation governor through my role at St. Barnabas church. I was born and raised in Bristol and although I am now Team Rector at Worcester St Barnabas -w- Christ Church Tolladine I have not always been a Vicar.  I trained as a Dental Nurse and developed through the profession as Manager, Radiographer and Dental Nurse Examiner. In my spare time I enjoy Theatre, Walking, Reading and Leeds United football club.  My favourite question in life is: Where is God in all this?


I have lived in Worcester my whole life and love our City. I am passionate about learning and have worked in education and training for most of my career, including with adult learners, at University and as a qualified Secondary School teacher. I have worked and volunteered with young people previously as a Scout Leader and a Youth Worker. I currently work for a small charity in Higher Education providing students advice and representation, which gives me a strong background in analysing policies and procedures and challenging information. Since my child became a pupil at St Barnabas I have been impressed by the ethos of the school and now looking forward to working with Staff and other Governors for the good of our children.


Clerk to the Governors