Welcome to St. Barnabas CofE Primary School (Green Lane, Worcester, WR3 8NZ)

Advice to Parents

In 2020, we saw an unprecedented International lockdown due to the severe effects of Coronavirus (Covid-19).  As a school we are faced with difficult and challenging times.  New processes and procedures have to be quickly implemented to keep everyone safe and allow children to continue with their Education.  Both Central and Local Government regularly issue new guidance for schools, however we are committed  to continue to provide a rich and varied education regardless of the circumstances.

Now that we have carried out the Risk Assessments, put in place safety measures, installed extra sinks for hand washing, created learning ‘bubbles‘, staggered break times to help with social distancing and a number of other procedures to help reduce the transmission of the virus, we continue to stay vigilant and covid aware so we can meet any new challenges we face, prepared to act quickly and continue to deliver a fantastic and varied curriculum to every child at St Barnabas.

This page has been created so that we can share with you our policies, procedural Information and give you links to the Local Authority for up to date advice.