Welcome to St. Barnabas CofE Primary School (Green Lane, Worcester, WR3 8NZ)

At St Barnabas, following on from, and lessons learned during the Global Pandemic (Covid-19), we quickly made provision to provide for and support our children and families learning from home.  Our school Leadership were so pleased with the provision that we decided to adopt these tools for everyday use.  This gives us a flexible approach to teaching and learning and in the event of another crisis causing our children to self isolate, will undoubtedly give them a near seamless transition to home learning.

Seesaw is a key tool allowing collaboration between our Teachers and their Students.  Seesaw places all children in their respective classes so that their Teacher can communicate and set tasks and homework for each individual student, just as they would in the classroom.

Children love to use TT Rockstars in school and at home.  It provides a competitive environment for children to progress their levels of maths and enhance their quick recall of arithmetic in a progressively challenging way.

MyBookBlog is an online resource designed to enhance children’s journeys through well-loved stories. It supports children to choose fantastic books, available in school libraries and bookshops, using blurbs, trailers, reviews, and ratings from other children.