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Mental Health and Wellbeing at St Barnabas




Mental Health includes our emotional and social well-being.  It affects the way we think, feel and act and learn. It can also determine how we manage stress, how we relate to others and make choices. Good mental health is important at every stage of life, right from childhood. If we experience mental health problems, our thinking, our mood, our behaviour and our ability to learn can be affected.

Meet our Mental Health and Wellbeing lead Practitioners

Mrs Haywood – Designated Mental Health Lead

Mrs Cotton – SENCO



There may be times when we struggle with our mental health and well-being.  There are so many areas of support available for children, parents, families and schools. Within our local area, we have a wealth of support relating to Mental Health and Well-being. There are a number of really useful links below.


At St. Barnabas, we promote “The Five Ways To Wellbeing” values which help us develop good and positive habits and nurture good mental health.



It is often life events that are outside our control which can damage our mentalhealth, and this is made worse if we feel powerless to do anything about them. One of the ways we can re-gain a sense of control and nourish our mental health is to remember the ‘The Five Ways to Wellbeing’ which have been found in research to improve mental wellbeing in children and adults.

(Five ways to wellbeing | New Economics Foundation)

It is always important to talk openly about mental health and to model good habits in front of children. If adults take care of their own mental health, it is easier for children to see what this looks like. 

Here is a 6 minute you-tube video to explain the Five Ways To Wellbeing:

Remember, you don’t have to “Connect” in the same room or place – we can call/Whatsapp video/facetime/zoom/teams friends and family to stay connected.

Here is a selection of great support videos for children on youtube  to help with Breathing, Relaxation and Mindfulness techniques.

You Are Not Your Thoughts:

Rainbow Relaxation

Square Breathing (to help focus and calm)

Cosmic Kids (Mindfulness Techniques):

Go Noodle, a selection of exercises for children, connected to songs.

Bereavement Support

The death of a loved one or close friend is one of the most difficult times in each of our lives. Whether this is expected, following a long term illness, or sudden and unexpected, the grieving process is deeply personal.

Bereavement Support Worcestershire website provides information and links to organisations and services which may be able to offer support and assistance across a range of needs from practical activities to emotional support.