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St. Barnabas CE Primary School Curriculum
St. Barnabas delivers a theme based curriculum.  Each new topic has an exciting launch, a chance for children to explore the theme in depth and a final celebration of learning.
progression of skills has been carefully mapped from Reception to Year 6.
Each theme incorporates several subject areas.
Within each theme we promote a whole school Christian value every half term, which is rooted in theology.
The class pages show the current theme.
Statement of Intent
All pupils from St.Barnabas Primary School heading to High School will move forward as confident, social individuals with a creative imagination and an understanding of performance and presentation skills. They will have developed an interest and enjoyment of dance and drama through performing themselves and watching and learning from other performers, cultures, and styles.
Skills Progression Overview
Dance Progression of Skills
Drama Progression of Skills
Children at St Barnabas participate in a range of Dance
Drama at St Barnabas including Religeous enactments
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